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State Representative Dan Swanson announced today that the Kewanee Community Fire Protection District will receive $24,375.00 in a Small Equipment Grant for fire protection districts. The grant is being distributed through Illinois’ Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM).

The funds were awarded to Kewanee Community Fire Protection District for helmets, boots, and personal protective gear.

According to Swanson, more than 100 departments statewide are taking a share of $2.2 million in grant funds. “These grants provide much-needed funding to help our fire districts purchase or replace necessary equipment,” said Swanson. “The Kewanee Community Fire Protection District has been a good steward of taxpayer dollars and will put these funds to good use in protecting their community.”

The OSFM Small Equipment Grant Program was established to provide grants up to $26,000 for the purchase of small firefighting and ambulance equipment at fire departments and not-for-profit ambulance services across Illinois.

“This program provides an innovative approach to a problem that has long-caused difficulties for fire departments and ambulance service providers in our area,” Swanson said. “These hometown heroes often struggle to get funding for small equipment to keep them safe and to better serve their community, and this is where this Grant program helps to fill the gap.”

State Representative Dan Swanson (R-Alpha) announced he will again be hosting Veterans’/ Senior Resources Fairs in late July to help connect area residents with state, county, and local government agencies that may be of assistance to them.

“As a Veteran and Veteran advocate myself, I know it can be a sometimes daunting task to cut the red tape put in front of our returning heroes. Helping Veterans as well as our area seniors to be able to connect with a real, live person from important government and local agencies, face-to-face, is an important aspect to their getting the help and assistance they need,” said Swanson.

“Even if you don’t have a specific concern or are not a Veteran or Senior, these resources fairs may be helpful in finding out more information on services and programs in your community, that’s why I would invite any person interested to come out and join us at one of these exciting events,” Swanson continued.

The Veterans’/ Senior Resources Fairs will take place July 23-26 in Geneseo (Henry County), Aledo (Mercer County), Knoxville (Knox County) and Princeton (Bureau County).

Mon., July 23 4:00pm-6:00pm Geneseo Community Center, 541 E. North St., Geneseo
Tues., July 24 11:00am-1:00pm Aledo VFW, 106 SW Third Ave., Aledo
Wed., July 25 11:00am-1:00pm Knoxville Legion Post, 749 Henderson Rd., Knoxville
Thurs., July 26 11:00am-1:00pm Bureau County Metro Center, 837 Park Ave. West, Princeton

Admission to all four events is FREE and a meal will be provided. In addition to staff and booths representing local agencies and state agency staff, Rep. Dan Swanson’s Constituent Service staff will be available for consultation during the events. To sign up for a booth at the events as an exhibitor, please contact Rep. Swanson’s District Office at 309-334-7474.
From Rock Island Dispatch Argus
June 29, 2018
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WOODHULL — About 100 people joined Invenergy officials Friday to celebrate the completion of the Bishop Hill Wind Energy Center, Phase 3.

The event at the Woodhull Travel Plaza included the presentation by Invenergy of $5,000 checks to the Clover and Andover-Osco fire departments.

According to Invenergy, the 53-turbine project will create more than $10 million in benefits to local economies during its first 10 years through property taxes, lease payments to landowners and employees' wages and benefits.

Jim Shield with Invenergy said the project was 10 years "and a lot of people" in the making. He noted Invenergy now has been involved in 14 projects that have created 1,500 megawatts of energy serving 500,000 homes.

"I appreciate everyone's effort, time and support, because, without it, we wouldn't be here today," he said. "Safety is a core value around high-voltage equipment. We want to make sure everyone gets home every night in the same condition as when they left."

Woodhull Mayor David Holmes noted how much the use of wind has changed the area's physical and financial landscape. Historically, he noted, windmills could be seen throughout the area, next to or over the top of concrete water tanks for livestock.

"Now they (wind turbines) dot our countryside, and that's a good thing," he said. He said the area has had a "very friendly, very cordial" relationship with Invenergy.

State Rep. Daniel Swanson, R-Alpha, said Illinois contractors received $24 million from the wind farm project since Phase 3 construction began in August. At its peak, he said, the project supported 214 jobs. He said there would be five permanent jobs related to the work, adding Invenergy is dedicated to hiring veterans.

According to Swanson, each of the 53 turbines required the equivalent of one acre of concrete 4-inches thick. "That's a lot of wheelbarrows full,” he said.

Swanson said the assessed valuation of the 51 2.5-megawatt turbines is $366,000 each, while the valuation of the two 2.3-megawatt turbines is $336,720 each.

The total assessed valuation of Phase 3 is $19,080,000, bringing the total valuation of all three phases to $52.8 million, according to Henry County Supervisor of Assessments Lindi Kernan.

According to officials Friday, the Phase 3 turbines added $13 million, or 18 percent, to the total valuation of the Alwood School District. The district will see a little more than $1 million in new property taxes related to the turbines.

"This helps the schools have better control, because it's local dollars," said Swanson. He recalled an analogy by superintendent Shannon Bumann, asking how many school districts have had 53 $1 million homes built this past year.

State Representative Dan Swanson joined colleagues on both sides of the aisle, in both chambers, in voting YES on an FY 19 State Budget that is balanced and relies on “no new taxes”.

“This is a budget built on compromise.  It does not include everything we wanted, but funds many of our priorities and provides critical stability to State Government operations,” said Rep. Swanson.

The FY 19 State Budget includes first year costs to begin the process of constructing a new Quincy Veterans Home, creates funding for State Police for a 100-person cadet class, fully funds the new bipartisan K-12 education funding formula while reducing reliance on local property taxes, and includes more than $400 million for the Department of Corrections unpaid vendor bills from FY 17 and FY 18.

“The House Republicans pushed for three goals in this budget: a balanced budget, a full-year budget, and no tax increases.  I am pleased this was a bipartisan agreement that met those goals,” continued Rep. Swanson.

State Representative Dan Swanson (R-Alpha) hosted Galva High School student Cal Clucas as an Honorary Page in the Illinois House on Friday, May 25th.

Cal is a Sophomore at Galva High School where he is active on the Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track Teams, Scholastic Bowl, and Drama Club.  Cal also participates in spin-club archery and trap shooting as part of 4-H, volunteers at his Church, and he helps with the local 5K race on the 4th of July.  Cal has been recognized by many of his teachers, the Dean of Students, and the Principal of Galva High School for his leadership, selflessness, and work ethic.

“Cal Clucas is an exceptional young man who I am honored to host as an Honorary Page in the Illinois House,” said Rep. Swanson.  “Cal is already a leader in his community and I am confident that he will make a great future leader.  He impressed many of my colleagues with his pleasant demeanor and work ethic while serving as an Honorary Page.”

State Representative Dan Swanson voted YES on House Bill 4290 on May 24 to release $63 million in back pay to state employees for money they earned under the contract negotiated with previous Governor Pat Quinn.

“Both as a matter of fundamental fairness and fiscal sanity, it is way past time we pay the State’s oldest unpaid bill,” commented Rep. Swanson following the vote. “It’s unfortunate that Illinois continues to pay for the indebted dishonest dealings of its previous Governors.”

In January 2011, then Governor Quinn and the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) struck a deal in which union state employees would give up half the value of their contractually mandated pay raises in exchange for a promise that Quinn would not lay off 2,600 workers or close any state facilities until July 2011. AFSCME also accepted furlough days and other concessions to save the state about $50 million.

However, in July 2011, Governor Quinn reneged on scheduled pay raises, and state workers have never received the money they earned. The passing of HB 4290 finally ensures state workers will be paid. HB 4290 will now move to the Senate for approval.

State Representative Dan Swanson announced the official launch of his Second Annual Summer Reading Club Program for 1st-5th grade students who live within the 74th Legislative District.  With the Illinois Bicentennial Celebration occurring throughout the year, Rep. Swanson’s theme this year for the program is “Celebrate 200 years of Reading in Illinois”.  The program is offered to encourage students to read over the summer and promote the lifelong benefits of literacy.

“This is a great way to encourage young people in our region to read over their summer breaks from school.  Students who do not read over the summer are much further behind, academically, than their classmates who continue reading during summer break,” said Swanson.

Brochures are available below or by calling Rep. Swanson's Woodhull District Office.  Participation in this program can overlap with any other summer reading program offered through area libraries.  Participating students have until August 1st to read their eight books and will be invited to a special party upon completion of the program.  Attendees of the party will also be given an opportunity to receive information on State and local programs.

Completed Forms may be submitted online here.